Prince George’s County Establishes Commission on Common Ownership Communities

A newly-created Commission on Common Ownership Communities will soon be operating in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  The purpose of the Commission is ensure proper establishment and operation of homeowners associations, condominiums, and housing co-operatives.

According to the County statute establishing the Commission, other  purposes include promoting education, public awareness and association membership understanding of the rights and responsibilities of living in a common ownership community; reducing the number and divisiveness of disputes; encouraging informal resolution of disputes; and preventing potential public financial liability for repair or replacement of common ownership facilities.

The Commission is also charged with reviewing and evaluating the new alternative dispute resolution process administered by the County Office of Community Relations (OCR) to assist community associations and homeowners in resolving certain disputes related to governance of associations. (See Blogpost, December 28, 2015, Prince George’s County Adopts New Procedures to Resolve Condo, Co-op and HOA Disputes).

However, unlike the Commission on Common Ownership Communities in Montgomery County, the Prince George’s Commission will not be directly involved in resolving disputes between associations and homeowners.

Additionally, the Prince George’s County law regarding common ownership community registration with the OCR has been expanded to require information about an association’s directors, officers, management company, legal counsel, fidelity insurance and finances. A condo, co-op, or HOA which does not comply with the registration requirement will be subject to suspension of the association’s registration status and suspension of  the “right to file legal actions in Prince George’s County”.

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