Community Governance Training For Managers

Tom Schild recently taught a 2-day program on Community Governance in Baltimore, Maryland.  Community association managers from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. attended the class to learn about the legal aspects of operating condos, coops and homeowners associations.

The course is part of the Professional Management Development Program of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), a national organization comprised of community association managers, service providers and volunteer leaders.  Topics covered in the Community Governance program include association governing documents; statutes and case law affecting community management; fiduciary responsibilities of association boards and managers; management and service contracts; and developing and enforcing community rules.

Tom is member of CAI’s National Faculty and has taught the Community Governance program since 1998 in many cities throughout the United States. He is also a Fellow of CAI’s College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL), which is  comprised of fewer than 160 attorneys nationwide who are recognized for their leadership  and contributions in the field of community association law.

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2015 Community Association Law Seminar–Spanning the Future

by Tom Schild

The College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) hosts the 2015 Community Association Law Seminar this week in San Francisco. This year’s theme is Spanning the Future: Forward-thinking perspectives in the specialized area of community association law.

CCAL member Tom Schild will be attending the Law Seminar which covers current hot topics including construction defect litigation, fair housing, assessment collection and rental restrictions.

The College of Community Association Lawyers is comprised of attorneys who have made contributions to the evolution or practice of community association law and who have committed themselves to high standards of professional and ethical conduct in the practice of association law.

Fewer than 150 attorneys nationwide have been granted CCAL membership. Tom Schild is one of only two Maryland-based attorneys who are CCAL members.